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Alaska Deer

October 28, 2014

When I decided to participate in the Cenegenics® Program I was 74 years old, weighed 190 pounds at 5’9″ and while not depressed, I was resigned to a limited outdoor experience for the future. I had back surgery on four discs several years back and within the last two years had rotator cuff and knee surgery, as well as a pacemaker implant.

My commitment was serious as the program requires nutrition and exercise commitments, as well as medication and supplement regimens with recurring blood test and follow up by the doctor. I had never been in a gym so the exercise training was new.

At age 75 I have lost 20 pounds, 3 1/2 inches in the waste with corresponding increase in energy level and strength. I surprisingly went through last winter with no colds. Other than having to buy new clothes, the total experience has been excellent. I feel my life span has increased but even more important, the quality of my life has been enhanced, I can do things I had considered lost in the aging process. My balance was so bad I could not stand on 1 foot and now I feel comfortable walking a log in the woods that I love.

I look forward to my test comparisons in my one-year checkup.

First, a big thank you!

- John A. Holleman

Cenegenics Patient After Transformation

First of all, Thank you and all of the All Alaska Outdoor staff. My wife and I really enjoyed our recent say at your lodge, very relaxing great fishing and a plus for me was the Wellness lecture and dinners You hosted each evening. I also want to try to express what a positive, life-changing event it has been for Me since my first visit to the lodge in 2012. Of course, I enjoyed All Alaska Outdoors fishing, the fly in trips, the fellowship and all the lodge as to offer. However, the big game-changer was on April 13, 2015, when I became one of your Cenegenics® patients, a decision made after feeling the passion you have for this program and seeing your own success with it. Four years ago I was overweight and physically tired all the time. My thought processes were sluggish and I did not enjoy interacting with others, nor did they enjoy having to deal me. At best, I could have been described as being moody. Simple day to day life was wearing me out. I would awake tired, underperform throughout out the day, go to bed tired, toss and turn all night long, seemed like a never-ending cycle. Now a little more then four years after becoming your patient, I have experienced a positive and complete turnaround! I have improved in all areas. First of all, my weight to date: down 55 lbs. I went from 33% to 15% body fat. I would like to emphasize, not only have I lost weight but based on blood work and testing results, I have improved in all measurable areas as well. No longer tired thought out the day, and when I go to bed, I go into a sound sleep and awake rested and ready/excited to start the day. My thoughts are clear and focused, This is not just my opinion, as others have noticed this as well. My mood and relationship with others have all improved, no longer a grumpy old man in my opinion. I now have an understanding of what and when to eat, how to exercise and why. Bob, I could go on and on listing the areas of improvements since I've started on the Cenegenics® program, but basically I just wanted to thank you for your effort that I have received.

Scott Lane
Cenegenics® Alaska Patient since 2015
Returning All Alaska Outdoors guest since 2012

They told me the truth about the real condition of my health and have a program that will raise my quality of life.”

Thomas H., September 2015

Great service and outstanding focus.”

Donald B., July 2015

It was very easy and informative. Also motivational.”

Michael P., June 2015

I was very impressed and excited to begin.

Tim B., May 2015

Looking forward to working with this great group of professionals!”

Gary B., April 2015

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